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The project ‘Regional Expertise centre for Palliative Care in Romania (REPACARO)’ will build up an expertise centre to support innovations and quality of palliative care in the Olt region in Romania. The project is support by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

There is an enormous need for palliative care at home in Romania due to ageing of the population, high cancer incidence and the tradition to die at home. Local teams of general practitioners and nurses want to deliver such care, but often do not have the right information and/or organisation. There is a lack of information about new developments in palliative care relevant for the Romanian context. Support to professionals and volunteers on how to organise palliative care at regional level is absent and no organisation is available for consultation of (regional) experts in the field of palliative care.  
The overall objectives of REPACARO are:

  1. to support local palliative care teams and volunteers with expertise, quality assurance and organisation through a regional expertise centre,
  2. to demonstrate the functioning of a regional expertise centre for palliative care in the Romanian context

A regional expertise centre for palliative care will be build up to support local palliative care teams by information delivery (bulletin and upon request), by developing and executing training programs for professionals and volunteers on organisation, communication and cooperation, by offering advices and by organising a consultation system. The planned activities will be evaluated. The project is meant to be an example (‘best practice’) to support local palliative care teams on district level and to serve as example for such centres in other districts, including its financial base.

Coordinator/chairman of the project is Wim van den Heuvel. Marinela Olaroiu acts as international secretary and Luminita Dumitrescu is the coordinator in Romania. In November 2007 the first Steering Committee meeting is held in Slatina, Romania.