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16 September 2018: graduation of now Dr. Alina Roventa

End of August 2018 the regional conference of family medicine in Mamaia the beach in front of us,



but also some work to do: presentations followed by

sightseeing in Constanta

Next we prepare for the baptism of Teo Mihai half of August

After cleaning the garden (again) in Craiova, it was time for some destructing work in Varvor (July 2018): the old cow barn.

the spider needs a new home storks and geese feel invited after the work is done

In between our cottage improves


Welcome back in Craiova (June 2018)

Welcome back home in Spaubeek (May 2018)


We travelled end of April 2018 across historical borders in East-Southern Europe: Romania, Ukraine, Moldavia (RUM) with Dragos and Olga. Surprises allover: culture and history, cities and fortresses, nature and infrastructure: a short impression.

Starting from Bucharest to  Chernivtsi, passing the monument remembering the Battle of Mărășești  (Koingdom of Romania vs German Empire), we stayed in Chernivtsi. Of course visiting the UNESCO Residence of Bukovyna and Dalmatia Metropolitans, now national university building.

and strolling through Olha Kobylianska Khotyn fortress along the Dnister is a must:

as is Kamenetz, surrounded by the Smotrych river and protected by its castle before the bridge


In Moldavia strolling through Chisinau, flowers for Stefan cel Mare, and visiting the country site to enjoy Trebujuni cave monastry, and a visit to

Purcari’s famous winery of course Leaving Moldavia we continue to the black sea and visit the castle in Cetate Alba, at the Dnister, the next morning, which surprised us with a medieval evenement

The last day – before going back to Bucharest – we stayed in Vilkovo at the Danube Delta and went into the Delta till point zero:

Danube entrances the Black Sea Time to go home.


Our trip along and on the Danube end of August 2017 with Olga and Dragos. First stop Strehaia Monastry Sfante Treime.

Next along the Danube, Romanian site; the view from the hotel with on the other (serbian site) Tabula Traiana ....

Next on the catamaran through the caranele .....


Decebal ! Who...?

The next day to Serbia through Djerdap National Park with wonderful views and a surprising archeological site: Lepenski Vir

and at the end of the National Park Golubac castle (restoring).

The last day through the Balkan mountains to Nepotin, known for Hajduk Veljkova. Next to his statue we went to etno restaurant Konak: an excellent choice.

Being in Varvor brings memories, work and meeting family.


23 July, a sunny hot day playing turists, visiting Vidin (Bulgaria) Baba Vida Fortress and Cetate (cultural) port at the Danube (Dolj). Not bad playing turists.

Varvor de Sus is a countryside village which once was a well-known place for travelers to rest. There is a lot of wildlife, also on our land. Now there are new plans to make a national park of its surroundings. We started to create our own paradise. Hop flourishes luxuriantly and the geese are on their way to the river. Also we created a maze.


Preparing for the wedding on 31 July 2016 as Nasa and Nasul - in the Romanian tradition the spiritual parents of a new couple, in case Gabi and Tatiana - prepared to visit the townhall and later redressed the church.. The day we visited the tomb of Ivena and Ion Roventa, putting the flowers Nasa received at the wedding of the bride.



Amman Roman arena

Amman citadel and downtown


Um Quaish



Wadi Rum

Happy birthday in Petra

End of August 2015 the crucifix on Heggerweg is restored and replaced.

The family meeting in Driebergen on 22 August 2015. All family and sisters and brothers.

Varvor de Sus spring 2015: a beautiful area with views, water, forests, birds. One of our favourite places, where we like to be in Romania.

In Craiova 'and beyond' in the fall of 2014 for the grapes, conferences, art etc. An impression:

and ex

Targu Jiu .........................................................Brancusi .......................................................................................................


Exploring Dobrogea

Histria Ovidius in Constanta and Adamclisi


Mangalia th last stop .... ..before the Ana Aslan conference in Bucharest

and than time for TUICA .................................................................. and to go back to NL through Dobreta Turnu Severin


Quite an experience travelling through Cuba. Partly, it is a journey back to the past.

Saying ‘Old Havana’ is picturesque is an understatement. But how to live there?

Of course, you have to walk along ‘Malecon’ but it does not always look peacefully
and to visit ‘Castillo del Morro’ (Les Organos in a Bond movie).

The health care system is still unique and a fascinating example for the future. The Netherlands could learn from studying the health care system and care for the old.


The beautiful natural environment (out of the cities) of Cuba is pure and relaxing,

Not only times fly …

And with a mojito it looks different again,
time for a nice diner

Picturesque, but restoration and maintenance is needed everywhere.

Time surely runs fast, so time to leave ….



Guess who will appear on twitter soon and which age on 26 December 2013?

Christmas 2013: My ladies are prepared for dinner ......