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1 November 2021
We are admitted to the corona on All Saints' Day. The price is quarantine for the time being.

23 October 2021
Diner at The Manor, lesson in using i-Phone and prepared for 3 days of hard work in Varvor.

5-17 October 2021
Tuesday 5-10 is marked in our diary: end of a treatment? And the start to travel to Craiova: first Sankt Valentin, than Arad and ... home again and – after some rainy days – the grapes.

5-30 September 2021
Back in Maastricht and – at last - time to visit the Dutch family after about a year of Covid-19. So we travel around to Nuenen, Son, Oostende, Bunnik and Nuland. No time yet to visit our friends in Schildwolde.

June-July-August 2021
Travelling between Maastricht and Craiova: many kilometers and many hours waiting at the borders, especially the Austrian ones. We were lucky to find ‘unknown’ ways: it took time, but less than just waiting, waiting ... and we discovered ‘new’ villages.

20 March 2021
After a long time, we had time to walk around for an hour or so. Where? Around our apartment and the walls of Maastricht. We like both.

26 January 2021
Still alive in Mooi Bemelen, but today we get the keys of our new stay in Maastricht. Patience! It will take another month before we can move in to it and another months before it will be (almost) ready as we want. So much to do, to plan, to arrange, to control etc. No time for ‘news’

1 January 2021
Happy New-year as always with Vienna Philharmonic !!

25-29 December 2020
With Christmas as ‘challenge’ and before the New-year Wim starts a new way. We have to wait a year to know exactly which one.

24 December 2020
Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy 2021 !

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6-30 November 2020
Bemelen is our ‘habitat’ now and the coming months. Corona delayed the final construction of our new apartment. We stay close to Maastricht and have become regular guests at the Academic Hospital Maastricht; let’s call it ‘for work’; it is not for pleasure! We will do so for the next month to come, waiting for better times….

2 November 2020
We managed to arrive safely in Bemelen (The Netherlands). Here we have to stay for weeks (or maybe even months, due to Covid 19). Our 3-day trip through Europe was an adventure: staying in hotels, which were closing down overnight or stopped serving breakfast. Even, we could not leave one hotel in the morning, because all doors were locked down and all personnel had left. We ‘escaped’ through the window.

7-22 October 2020
The usual rituals when we arrive in autumn in Craiova: cleaning the garden, picking the grapes (a good harvest, full of promise, especially the chardonnay and moldova grapes) (see also personal). And in between ZOOM-meetings, writing articles, barbecuing, and planning our way back (still corona-time in Europa) and our stay in the Netherlands. Time again to leave and stay safe in NL. When will we be back??

1-4 October 2020
Again on our way to home in Craiova. It feels like a short holiday with stops in Geiselwind (for the beer), Melk (still marvelous) and Arad (for the food and the beer).

9-30 September 2020
Still wandering around, visiting family and friends, who we did not see for a long time due to corona. We enjoyed the hospitable and cordial stay in the Mexican room – it looks like an apartment – in Nuland. And we had a small, corona-proof birthday-party.

13 August – 8 September 2020
We stayed for some time with friends in Schildwolde, enjoying their hospitality, the beautifull garden and special wines. What a relief after wandering around. Also, there is time now for treatment and relaxation!

1-12 August 2020
Being homeless and waiting for our new to build apartment brought us to 5 different hotels all over the Netherlands, with a special stay in Nuenen. Old memories ……
We learn now to wander, an experience richer.

29-31 July 2020
Otherwise than we had planned we had to go back to the Netherlands. We drove through Hungary and Austria, both ‘closed’ because of corona, i.e. it is not allowed to stay overnight and only to stop along the highway at indicated places to refuel or to visit the toilet. The border Hungary-Austria took hours!

12-25 July 2020
It is wonderful to be ‘at home’ in Craiova and a well-known surprise: for the next weeks we will be busy with the garden in Craiova and in Varvor de Sus. Fortunately, we have time for relaxiation in between, thanks to Dragos and Andreea. They invited us for an interesting, extensive 'wine-tasting' at Domeniul Vila Dobrusa - Crama Avancis in Dragasani. We will enjoy the wines for some time!

By the time, the garden is ‘perfect’ and all is well-ordered, we will have to leave and be prepared to encounter new ‘corona-measures’ on our way to ……? (Somewhere in The Netherlands).

8-11 July 2020
We drove – in another mood we had expected, because we discovered the new owners of our house were cheating – the way we know so well to Craiova, enjoying our ‘new freedom’. No problems with corona-measures this time. And we enjoyed our 'classic stays' in Der Kaiserhof and Continental Forum.

6-7 July 2020
The moving company worked carefully, efficiently and quickly. So, we could have a last look and closed the doors. Than we went to the same castle, where we stayed when we bought our house 21 years ago. We celebrated living happily for 21 years in our beautiful villa in Spaubeek.

Week 26 and 27 2020
These are busy times. Preparing to move, but we do not now yet to where. I.e. organizing weekend markets in our front-yard to sell things we (probably will not need in our apartment), selling paintings, storing winter clothes in case we do not have a place to live in the Netherlands in December, etc. Also preparing to visit our house in Romania, medical check-ups, a temporary address in the Netherlands, informing a lot of institutions, organisations about the changes, etc. And we planned as much appointments and controls as we could for the rest of the year. It will stay a busy time this year, not taking into the corona pandemic, which is not over yet!!.

13-21 June 2020
We have started preparing for our move to ....? The first step is to pack the books, to sell the paintings that are too big, and having a market in front of the house each weekend for stuff we don't want to take with us. We are doing well so far.

7-8 June 2020
We went visiting friends in Schildwolde and were invited to attend a special museum (needed reservation of course in ‘corona time’). It is worthwhile to visit Museum Møhlmann in Appingedam (, designed and owned by the painter Rob Møhlmann. Admire the exhibition ‘In het spoor van Jan Mankes’.

22-29 May 2020
A very busy week. First, we sold our wonderful house in Spaubeek. So, we have to think about moving: where and when. Probably, it will be in Maastricht, but …. Now we have to find an apartment, which meets our wishes. We starting visiting ‘apartment for sale’, ‘apartment for sale’, ‘apartment for …..etc.

14-15 May 2020
We planned to go back from our place in Craiova to Spaubeek. Should we take the risk? We did: travelling through ‘corona-Europe’: Romania-Hungary-Austria-Germany-home. It has been an exciting experience: could you pass the border? Well we managed, but has to be very patient. Will you be put in quarantine ? Fortunately not. Is there a place to sleep ? Difficult, but we found an empty hotel (no owner, no personnel, no guests) and slept very well.

7 May 2020
For some time Wim worked on a article about ‘lessons to be learned from the covid-19 pandemic’. It has been published now in two journals and might be updated after a while.

22-29 April 2020
Winter is now definitely over in Craiova. We take care for the grapes, strawberries, currants, peach, apple, pear. Time to create a new vegetable garden. Certainly useful in corona times, but before that the jeu-de-boule court must be removed. Three days! And then the vegetable garden starts to take shape ... and then the plants come: tomato, cucumber, zucchini, pumpkin, beans. At the end of June we expect to start harvesting ..........

18 April 2020
A week after Roman-Catholic Eastern, it is Orthodox Eastern. Still a lot of restrictions because of covid-19. Hopefully, we get used to the space we have to give to eachother, always. It is a lesson not to be forgotten. Happy Eastern ! Paste Fericit !

1 April 2020
After the spring the snow comes! Indeed strange times. The peach and plum trees are full in bloom. The daffodils bow to the snow. It produces beautiful pictures (see also personal)..

1 April 2020
Paliatia vol 13, no 2 has been publshed. See

30 March 2020
Although it is probably forbidden, we had to go outside the town to check our cottage in Varvor and do some reparations and preparations for the spring. So we protected ourselves and moved on. We managed and fortunately no checkpoints.

23 March 2020
For over a week we lived in springtime. But this morning we discovered it is winter (see also personal). We are adviced to stay inside as much as possible, not because of the winter, but due to the corona-virus. We expect it will take some days...........some more days..........

15-16 March 2020
We drove to Bucharest for other planned meetings. But - not unexpected - most of these were cancelled. So we had time to meet Dragos and Andrea and to spend time with family.

13-14 March 2020
Being earlier in Craiova than planned, the first job is to cut the grapes and clean the garden: pleasant work with plenty of sun and not to many people around (as adviced by the health authorities).

8-11 March 2020
We have appointments for conferences and meetings in Slovakia and Romania, so we started to travel through what was becoming 'corona Europa'. On our way we were informed that the conferences were cancelled. The planned visit to the museum Danubiana was short (see also personal). Arriving at 10 o'clock, we were told that the museum was closed starting this morning by ministrial order because of ... the corona virus. We continued our travel through Hungaria and were lucky enough to pass the Hungarian-Romanian border at Nadlac three hours before the virus-check at the border and closure of the border started. We arrived safely in Craiova, where the spring welcomed us.

1 March 2020
The first issue of 2020 (volume 3) of Romanian Journal of Family Medicine, of which Marinela is 'editor sef', is published: see

26 February 2020
Wim participates in various advisory committees, which focus on long-term care. Today, there were various meetings dicussing how to improve this care. As in all health care, persons, who need care, are considered the main object, the most important. We all seem to agree on that. Regulations and measures are designed to serve the person in need, at least that is what we want and say. However, we have to ask ourselves not only 'how to realise it', but also 'do we realise it'. The answers may be surprising.

15-16 February 2020
Stormy weather! A perfect time to visit Dacia Felix in Tongeren, Belgium. Wonderful !! (see also personal) We stayed overnight in Liege to celebrate our being together.

13 February 2020
A policlinic visit to some hospitals - like in our neighboorhoud Zuyderland - may turn into a 'dehumanising' experience, as we experienced. For a 5-minutes check, you are asked to come 20 minutes in advance. After arrival on the requested time (08.40) and registration, we wait, just wait and wait. After 80 minutes, you dare to ask what is going on. It seems you have been 'forgotten'. Nobody is responsible. You are a patient (although not sick) and have to behave as a 'patient'. We have had such experiences before; yes, in the same hospital! Just imagine, you need acute care.

6-8 February 2020
It took some time, but we did the most work to 'rearrange' the souterrain of our house. Now it is ready for art exhibitions.

4 February 2020
Today the first 'working' meeting of the programme committee 'Better at home' was held. The various research proposals to analyse the key problems in taking care for people with chronic health problems at home brought in-depth discussion on the way the committee has to work.

20 January 2020
Today, various craftsmen start to paint the walls in our souterrain and to replace some doors. The work is expected to take about 3 days, but unfortunately they stopped after the first day, due to weather condition. After some consultations, we decided to finish the job ourselves.

14-15 January 2020
A new committee 'Better at home' is installed by the director of the Health Research and Development Council on the 14th in The Hague. Wim is a member of that committee. The next day the programme committee on long-term care and support held its meeting in Utrecht.

10 January 2020
The new volume of Paliatia has been published ( !

8 January 2020
The programme to stimulate scientific research in nursing sciences and to build a research infrastructure ends today officially. The committee did a good job, accordingly to the 'self-evaluation', thanks to the excellent work of the Health Research and Development Council (ZonMw) staff. For Wim it was a honour to chair this committee for 11 years.

Merry Christmas and a Happy, Prosperous 2020.















9 December 2019
The next issue of the Romanian Journal of Family Medicine - of which Marinela is editor-in-chief - has been published, see

6 December 2019
Time to start rehabilitation. Is there a better way than to start with ‘Sinterklaas’ himself? (see also Personal).

2 December 2019
We enjoyed the visit and stay of Dragos with some friends. It was not only a cosy weekend, it also helpful for the ‘healing proces’.

27-29 November 2019
A ‘forced stay’ of Wim, chaperoned by Marinela, in a hotel-hospital (Rotterdam/Schiedam Franciscus Vlietland) is a learning experience. The progress in surgery technology, the efficiency of the treatment process together with the ‘human touch’ made it an inspiring source for writing and research (see also Personal).